Stand-up comedy is something that has always appealed to me. I love making people laugh. I can remember cross country trips entertaining the team with Jason. I loved filling time between songs with some jokes back in my Hey You Guys days. The theater experiences, improv, goofing off at school... Guess I've always been a comic.

The Rewatchmen - Donnie Darko

This week we add another film into our "Overrated Movie Theater" series. Does the 2001 story of a disturbed teen who sees visions of a demonic bunny hold up? Is it worth its following? Did "Mad World" and Tears For Fears get a boost is sales because of this? Listen and find out!

Featuring Ben and T.C.

The Rewatchmen - Kill Bill: the Whole Bloody Affair

Another edition of the podcast that's forcing me to clean my DVD's out and decide if I should toss them out or let them continue to collect dust next to the keepers.

Today... Kill Bill!

The Rewatchmen - Boondock Saints

This here podcast is a re-review of "The Boondock Saints" as a part of the "Overrated Movie Theater". Is Boondocks as good as you remember it, and by you, I mean the collar popping, Dane Cook loving, bro-you.