Stand-up comedy is something that has always appealed to me. I love making people laugh. I can remember cross country trips entertaining the team with Jason. I loved filling time between songs with some jokes back in my Hey You Guys days. The theater experiences, improv, goofing off at school... Guess I've always been a comic.

Comedy Spot Huntington Beach, CA 9/23/12

Hey everyone, I'm back again with some jokes for ya! This here is my performance at the Comedy Spot, Huntington Beach, CA on September 23. I was opening for the fantastic comedian Jen Murphy, am old pal from the Saddle Ranch days. Not a bad showing, if I may say so. After nearly 24 hours awake, I only managed to flub one joke. It's supposed to be "... two naked dudes..." Still works as I said it, but not what it should've been./ Oh well. Take a look below and let's see if I can't get a smile on your face at least once.

The Rewatchmen 100th Episode

Hey, hop on over to my newest website The Rewatchmen for movie reviews, news, and listen to our 100th episode!

The Rewatchmen - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Super 8 wears it's Spielberg-isms proudly on its sleeve. So, think you should hop on NetFlix and watch the 1977 Steven Spielberg cinematic classic? Listen to what the Rewatchmen have to say and then decide.

Featuring Ben and T.c.

The Rewatchmen - X-Men (2000)

Forget the mess of X-Men The Last Stand or the wacky X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Let's take it back to the one that started this cinematic mutant craze, Bryan Singer's 2000 "X-Men", and see where we land in preparation of X-Men: First Class.

Featuring Ben and T.C.

The Rewatchmen - Enter the Dragon

Kung Fu Panda's ways are most honorable for it respects the Asian cinema, and who defined Asian cinema more than Mr. Bruce Lee? Let the Rewatchmen drop some jump kicks of knowledge and punch your brain with a discussion of the only American Lee film "Enter the Dragon" and maybe you'll see the fat Panda in a different light.

featuring Ben and T.C.

The Rewatchmen - Dude, Where's My Car?

Sitting on the fence about the Hangover part 2? Well, suffer through a film like "Dude, Where's My Car?" and learn to appreciate the masterwork by comparison that is the first Hangover.

featuring Ben and T.C.

The Rewatchmen - The Wedding Singer

With Bridesmaid coming out this week, we decided to rewatch another wedding-themed flick: the Wedding singer, the 1998 Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore romantic comedy that proves (despite Bedtime Stories, Little Nicky, and other such nonsense) that Adam Sandler can pull back and make a great film.
Featuring Ben and T.C.

The Rewatchmen - Team America: World Police

With Bin Laden killed, Ben pulled out the 2004 political satire from the South Park boys. How does this Bush-basing, Hollywood razzing movie hold up in a post-Bush era America? Experience the Jerry Bruckheimer spoof film that is bloody, explosive, hyper-sexually charged... with puppets.

featuring Ben and T.C.

The Rewatchmen - Donnie Darko

This week we add another film into our "Overrated Movie Theater" series. Does the 2001 story of a disturbed teen who sees visions of a demonic bunny hold up? Is it worth its following? Did "Mad World" and Tears For Fears get a boost is sales because of this? Listen and find out!

Featuring Ben and T.C.