Stand-up comedy is something that has always appealed to me. I love making people laugh. I can remember cross country trips entertaining the team with Jason. I loved filling time between songs with some jokes back in my Hey You Guys days. The theater experiences, improv, goofing off at school... Guess I've always been a comic.

Saddle Ranch comedy 7-13-09

This is my first headline show!~ I showed up ready to perform my 15 minute set, and Mark Fry, the producer pulls me aside and asks, "How'd you like to headline tonight?" I wasn't about to say no! So I spent the rest of the night adding another 15 minutes to my set. And what resulted was better than I could've hoped for!

Saddle Ranch comedy 9-7-09

This is my third performance at the Saddle Ranch comedy night. Special thanks to Mark Fry for continuing to see enough potential in me to put me up on the stage, and Jordon, Anna, and Morgan for continuing to come out to laugh and support!


This is a little diddy conceptualize by Michael Tubman. If this is something that garners any amount of attention, you can look forward to a few other numbers, like "Mashed Potatoes" and "I Got the Smurfin' Blues".
This song is NSFW, so if you have a problem with cursing... or if you're a family member who does not want to hear me cursing... best move on to another post.

Saddle Ranch comedy 5-25-09

My first performance on the professional stage. Strangely, only the first video has been getting the majority of the views...