Stand-up comedy is something that has always appealed to me. I love making people laugh. I can remember cross country trips entertaining the team with Jason. I loved filling time between songs with some jokes back in my Hey You Guys days. The theater experiences, improv, goofing off at school... Guess I've always been a comic.

the John Lovitz 8/13/10

Here is my performance at the John Lovitz Comedy Club. My first comedy club! Woo!

There are a few bad words this time around, so my apologies to my mother and gramma for my potty mouth. It's still PG-13. I'm not that filthy of a dude.

I was told a measly five to seven minutes, and I did just that with much love from the audience. There is some new stuff here (texting, things guys say that girls don't) and some tried and true (earthquakes vs tornadoes). All in all, it was a great set.

Thanks go out to Mark for continuing to give me chances up on the stage. Thanks to those who came out: Fionn, Alexa, Brad, Candy, Alice, and everyone for laughing. More to come!

Saddle Ranch Comedy 7-21-10

Here is my return to the stand-up comedy stage after my injury. I couldn't place the camera as close I have in the past because the crowd was pretty sizable. The audio quality is pretty crummy, so what I've done here is chop it up and give you the clearest portions. I also did a few jokes from previous routines, so I removed those.